PEDSSA is part of the Dorset School Sport Federation  

The Role of PEDSSA?

PEDSSA, Poole and East Dorset School Sport Association aims to help staff in each member school promote and develop high quality school sport. PEDSSA works with the County Sport Partnerships, National Council for School Sport and other partners to help and advise members on developing opportunities in competitive School Sport for young people. The current government funding for school sport is based around the School Games and PEDSSA links competitions into this structure.

PEDSSA Aims To: 

  • Support its members in the promotion and development of competitive sport in schools 


  • Develop effective working relationships between schools, School Games Organisers , National Governing Bodies (NGBs) County Sports Partnerships and local sporting partners. 


  • Promote competitive school sport opportunities for young people


  • Liaise with other appropriate organisations to develop competitive School Sport

What Values Do PEDSSA Promote?

PEDSSA recognises the educational value of high quality competitive School Sport and the part it plays in the personal development of all young people. Competitive School Sport has the capacity to develop sporting behaviour, raise self-esteem, encourage social inclusion and develop a healthy and active lifestyle. Competition in sport can prepare young people for the competitive challenges they will face in life. PEDSSA recognises and values the professionalism and the contribution of teachers and other adults who give their time to coach, administer, and officiate in School Sport matches and events. The school games values are Honesty, Self belief, Passion, Determination, Respect and Teamwork. These are promoted in all School Games and PEDSSA events.

What Do We Mean By Competitive School Sport? 

Competitive School Sport is intra school and inter school extra curricular participation and competition that takes place in school clubs, squads and teams. PEDSSA helps provide these opportunities through leagues competitions and events as well as giving representative opportunities provided by Poole and East Dorset teams. PEDSSA competitions work alongside the School Games to provide a wide variety of competitive opportunities. The School Games has four levels – 1: In school competition, 2: local school competition (PEDSSA), 3: area finals (county) and 4: National Finals. All children should compete at level 1 and Agile ICT have recently given trophies to schools to promote inter house competition. PEDSSA helps member schools offer competitive opportunities to pupils at level 2 and helps them progress to level 3 and 4. This work is very important part of the legacy of  London 2012. We will continue to strive to INSPIRE A GENERATION.

Wha t do Member Schools get for their Affiliation?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Member Schools pay 25p per pupil to PEDSSA (Year 5 to 11). This allows them to enter PEDSSA competitions and send pupils to PEDSSA representative team trials. PEDSSA pays for Insurance cover for use of public facilities, costs associated with running events and representative teams, medals and trophies. PEDSSA affiliation enquiries shold be sent to