The cows are easy to manage with a docile reputation. However, both Jersey and Guernsey bulls have a reputation for unpredictability and aggressiveness. Although it is so small, it rarely has trouble calving and cows can be safely put to beef bulls.

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But when the two main characters, played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, go on a date at a neighborhood diner, he orders breakfast cereal. She demurely orders tea. No help there. Lowdown: Peyton Manning and the Broncos are in a tough spot again in this Super Bowl rematch, and they can thank the Chargers for riling up the champs. If you think the Seahawks were tough in New Jersey, wait until the Broncos face them and their 12th man at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. Who has more issues? It’s the Broncos, who had to hold off the Colts and Chiefs; they’re not the pinball points machine they were last season.

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