Take serious action or you will be in the ground and buried before you know it.Anyone moving into a town would you think do alittle home work before making such a big move? we have lived in Hervey Bay now for 12 years and found this to be a very peacefull town and the fact if there was tourist fraser Island or not did in no way make us move or buy in this town, it is just a nice place, we first come to Hervey Bay 18 years ago when we got Replica Belts married on our honeymoon and found it to be a lovely place to raise children, the schooling here is awsome, as fare as shopping well just how many stores and supermarkets realy do you need?See we have the council with a department running things like staycations and so forth but all there advise must be out of a weeties packet, Replica Hermes Belts advertising is a visual thing and yes Fraser Coast council need to market all the towns in a much better way,I love Hervey Bay and am looking forward to a long and happy life here.Oh and outofhere? where do you live that it cost you $45,000 a year to stay there? did you buy in a resort lolOutofhere it obvious that your view of Hervey Bay has been strongly influenced by some of your experiences here but they just your experiences.There are plenty of other people who have moved here from various capital cities and find that this is a great place to live and Hervey Bay has plenty of top class restaurants and cafes.Your suggestion that there more to do in Rainbow Beach than Hervey Bay has to offer is a little over the top too. Sure we not the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast but there plenty or within easy reach of here to keep families entertained. You need to ask yourself why have the people come from Sydney and Melbourne? Do you think that it might of been because Hervey Bay had something to offer as there is the rest of Australia on offer.

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