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cash advance Consequently, the complexity of social work practice becomes reduced to simple answers and short term solutions (Aronson Sammon, 2000) that focus on minimalist service provision, specialization, and fragmented services that address only surface and thus decontextualized issues in the lives of service users. Concurrently, such practices also impact social workers and their workplaces, whereby the individualistic approach of service delivery plays out in the alienation of workers from each other, and thus also between agencies as they compete for scarce resources; such practices leave little room for building community and resisting inequity (Baines, 2004, 2011; Dominelli, 2002; Ferguson Lavalette, 2004; Fisher Shragge, 2000; Leighninger, 1999; Mullaly, 2001; Razack, 2002). Implied by these contradictions, two competing visions of social workers emerge, as agents of control or agents of change (Hick, 2006). cash advance

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